Client stories

We’re lucky to work with a number of clients who have kindly agreed to share their experiences of working with us, so that you can see how our services work in practice. Take a look at their stories below.


Tom and joanne

“We met John through my software business in the 80s because we had a client in common. John became a client of mine, and then I became a client of his! 

He arranged a pension scheme for us as a business, then set me up with a personal pension, and it went from there.”


Lisa and alan

“We were entering a new phase in our lives, and we wanted someone to join all the dots and make sure that everything we’d done so far was right.

We soon realised we didn’t know about basic things like the fact that we’d exceeded the pension allowance…”

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“I’ve been friends with Jimmie and his wife for years, having gone to university with them, but we approached Jimmie for advice on our finances because we trust him.

We went to see him because we were expecting our first child and wanted to make sure that everything was in order.”

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