TOM and JOanne’s story

JJFS have a very friendly, informal approach, but they always have their eye on the ball.

We met John through my software business in the 80s because we had a client in common. John became a client of mine, and then I became a client of his! 

He arranged a pension scheme for us as a business, then set me up with a personal pension, and it went from there.

Critical illness cover saved the day

John persuaded me to take out critical illness cover in the 80s, when it was relatively new and inexpensive. 

John really was a pioneer in that field – at the time, everyone else poo-pooed it – but he was so terrifically passionate about the whole concept and convinced me I really ought to have it. 

It turned out to be the right advice, because it paid out a substantial amount years later when unfortunately I had to have heart surgery.

A truly tailored service 

JJFS have a more personal approach than other professionals we’ve worked with in the past.

A couple of years ago for example we were looking at what returns we could expect to get. As luck would have it, my wife has a hang up about ethical funds, and Jimmie found a couple of them that have worked out very well. 

Jimmie then explained that all funds are up and down and it’s impossible to predict what would happen, so he created a set of investment vehicles that reflect the market, so there’s less risk of a downside and no surprise upside. It uses standard funds, but reflects a tracker, so we were able to use the funds my wife liked, while at the same time reducing our exposure to risk.

This was timed to perfection because at that point we were going into retirement. No one has proved they’re able to outplay the market and predict wonderful stocks and shares, so we decided why take the risk when they might only give minimum returns?

And Jimmie has maintained our interests by leaving our favourite funds in.

Approachable and focused

What we like most about working with JJFS is that they have a very friendly, informal approach, but they always have their eye on the ball. 

Both John and Jimmie are always willing and able to have a general chat and a very easy going conversation, but they’re always focused on the bigger picture - which is always extremely reassuring, and the reason we’re been clients for 30 odd years!